ntfs-config : you can write now

Welcome to the main page of Ubuntu's givre repository. 

This repository will allow you to install easily ntfs-3g and provide you the best desktop experience 

when using this new driver, with patched package which support fuse driver.

How To add this repository to my sources.list

You will need to edit your /etc/apt/sources.list using your favorite texte editor (gedit, kate, nano,

vim...) and add at the end of the file one of the following mirror :


deb http://flomertens.keo.in/ubuntu/ dapper main main-all
deb http://givre.cabspace.com/ubuntu/ dapper main main-all
deb http://ntfs-3g.sitesweetsite.info/ubuntu/ dapper main main-all

For EDGY (only needed for NTFS removale device) :

deb http://flomertens.keo.in/ubuntu/ edgy main-all
deb http://givre.cabspace.com/ubuntu/ edgy main-all
deb http://ntfs-3g.sitesweetsite.info/ubuntu/ edgy main-all

The main channel contains  the ntfs-3g package and an up to date fuse package.

The main-all channel contains modified version of pmount and hal to have a better integration of ntfs-3g in the desktop. 
If you don't want those package, just remove main-all.

If you use edgy, all needed packages are already in the ubuntu repo (main and universe), except the modified pmount, 
that is needed for removable device. 

Packages in this repository can be gpg authenticated. The key that is being used for signing the packages is 6B80D6DA. 
You can enter this key into the APT trusted keys database with one of the following command:

wget http://flomertens.keo.in/ubuntu/givre_key.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -
wget http://givre.cabspace.com/ubuntu/givre_key.asc -O- | sudo apt-key add -

About ntfs-3g

ntfs-3g is a new driver base on ntfsmount (part of ntfsprogs) which claim to provide full read/write

support of ntfs filesystem. It's actually in beta and is provide only for testing purpose. In the future,

ntfs-3g will be merge with the actual official ntfsmount. For more information about the project, have

a look at the team website : www.linux-ntfs.com

How can i install it

To install easily ntfs-3g on ubuntu dapper, have a look there :

You can also check the HowTo on the ubuntu forum : http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=217009

What is in this repository

In this repo, you will found :

This repository is bring to you by MilesTEG <MilesTEG1@gmail.com> and givre <outpourav@yahoo.fr>