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Ntfs-config... and now you can write


To use this software, you'll need first a working version of ntfs-3g
You can get it from

Special requirements for external device

The way external devices are mounted can change a lot between distribution.
For now, really few tool, to say none, totatly support ntfs-3g. So this feature is still a work in progress
and may not work for everybody.

Distribution known to work (tell me if you know others):
- ubuntu feisty
- ubuntu edgy ( with the modified version of pmount provide below )


Current version : 1.0.1

Debian package for ubuntu feisty : download

Debian package for ubuntu edgy :  download

To be able to use the the external device feature with edgy, you'll need a modified version of 
pmount, that you can get here : pmount_0.9.13-1givre4_i386.deb

Source package : download